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User Reported Exchange Enablement

It has been reported that a number of ADSL modems are syncing at 10Mbps even though the Telkom 10Mbps ADSL checker is reporting the exchange as not enabled for that service. To capture the case where a user has reported an exchange as enabled we have introduced a 'User Reported' enablement to the exchange page. This indicates that the exchange has been marked as provisioned for 10Mbps but is unconfirmed by the Telkom checker. For an example of this please see the Linden (RLDN) exchange [1]. When Telkom report this exchange as 10Mbps enabled this state will automatically be upgraded to 'Telkom Reported Enabled'.

Enablement States

Telkom Reported Not Enabled
Telkom Reported Enabled
User Reported Enabled
Yes - User Reported

- The Team

[1] Linden (RLDN) exchange reported as 10Mbps provisioned by user

Posted 2011-05-13 09:53:14 by Ian Saunders
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