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South African Broadband Availability

This site has been created to show the current state of South African ADSL and broadband roll out.

The statistics on the website have been compiled from a number of resources. Including

  • Availability Checkers
  • Publicly available data
Our exchange enablement is regularly updated. In particular the current state of the 10Mpbs ADSL product is of interest. The roll out of this service has been limited to a relatively small number of exchanges [1]. It is our aim to track this roll out and report on changes to all exchanges. Another area of interest is the current state of ADSL roll out with regards to rural penetration.

We hope you find the information both informative and useful. Please report any errors, or feel free to supply us with further details.

- The Team

[1] Provincial roll out data

Posted 2011-05-03 12:32:17 by Ian Saunders
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