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Site Update - ADSL Exchange speed added

With the rollout of the newest Telkom ADSL checker [1] in late November of last year (2011) users were finally able to see more precise speed capabilities of their exchanges. We moved rapidly to adopt the newest checker and integrate this extra data into the stats. As a quality assurance mesaure we ran the new checker in sandbox mode which allowed us to develop new features and gauge the data being returned to us. During this sandboxing it became apparent that the newest ADSL Checker was returning some interesting results. For example, phone numbers which had previosuly indicated an exchange was ADSL enabled now returned ADSL not enabled. If it had been one or two exchanges this would not have been a huge issue. Unfortunately, approximately 150 exchanges were now being reported as disabled! With such a large discrepancy further investigation was needed. After careful analysis and testing it turned out that a number of factors were affecting the results:

  • Phone numbers being disconnected
  • Further phone numbers required to get line speed
  • Some exchanges incorrectly reported as enabled by previous checkers
After applying these fixes the list of exchanges no-longer enabled sits at 52. As we cannot find any proof that these exchanges are enabled, according to the new checker, they have have been marked as not-enabled. Please let us know if you can provide a case which proves they are. The list of exchanges no longer enabled is attached [2].

As of today we have rolled out updates to the site which include:

  • ADSL Speed on Exchange pages
  • The latest exchange updates
As we currently monitor around 2000 exchanges we are working to mitigate the above issues with the checker. Telkom has been asked for a comment on this but unfortunately none has been forthcoming

To give you a taste for the breakdown in ADSL enablement by speed the following chart depicts the total number of exchanges in each ADSL speed bracket. Note: 0 Indicates not enabled

Figure 1 - Breakdown of Exchanges/ADSL Speed (Click image for larger)
ADSL Exchanges Enabled

- The Team

[1] New Telkom ADSL Checker
[2] Exchanges No longer Enabled

Posted 2012-02-21 11:33:22 by Ian Saunders
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