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Review of Telkoms New ADSL Checker and recent changes

A couple of weeks ago Telkom released their newest ADSL checker. The aim with the latest iteration of this service was to provide an up-to-date account of exchange enablement. Previously ADSL campaigners had to wait for sporadic updates to the core data set or notification by other users connected to their exchange. After two weeks it is possible to give a rough assessment of how the changes have affected rollout and what they may indicate.

ADSL Enablement

Since the latest ADSL checker was released 9 new exchanges have been marked as enabled for ADSL [1]. With a large number of exchanges already enabled it is not surprising that there are only a trickle of new exchanges. What is interesting is that Telkom are actively enabling exchanges for ADSL. This raises two interesting points:

  1. Telkom are not sitting still with their ADSL roll out
  2. Less than 100% of exchanges are enabled. Please see Telkom claim 100% ADSL coverage for more info

ADSL Exchanges Enabled (Click image for larger)
ADSL Exchanges Enabled

10Mbps Enablement

Since the latest ADSL checker was release 112 new exchanges have been marked as enabled for 10Mbps ADSL [1]. 86 exchanges were marked enabled when the checker came online; most probably indicating the disparity between the data in the old and new checker.

When does the checker return a phone number as 10Mbps enabled? You may assume that if a phone number is tested against the ADSL checker and it returns positive for 10Mbps ADSL then you would be able to receive this service, this is not the case. The checker returns whether or not the exchange has one or more 10Mbps enabled DSLAMs. Thus if you are not lucky enough to be on the enabled piece of hardware the checker will tell you that you can get 10Mbps ADSL when your line does not yet support it. The strategy of marking an exchange enabled for a particular service before all lines can receive it is not unique to Telkom, BT have used the same for their Infinity rollout [3].

10Mbps Exchanges Enabled (Click image for larger)
10Mbps Exchanges Enabled

All Enablement

Finally here is a list of all the changes.

ADSL Exchanges Enabled (Click image for larger)
All Exchange Changes

[1] Latest ADSL Enabled Exchanges
[2] Latest 10Mbps Enabled Exchanges
[3] My exchange has been upgraded - why can't I get BT Infinity?

Posted 2011-06-10 16:34:42 by Ian Saunders
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