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Release of 2011.203 BroadbandStats API and Library

The latest version of the BroadbandStats API has been released (2011.203). As part of this release there is a new .Net library for querying the API [1]. For ease of access and maintenance this library has been released on CodePlex as an open source project [2]. The API documentation has also been updated to reflect the current set of features [3].

Current Feature Set:

  • Get exchange by phone number
  • Get multiple exchanges using a phone number list
  • Get exchange by exchange short code
  • Get multiple exchanges using an exchange code list
  • Returned data set includes availability information
  • Returned data set includes location information
  • Output in JSON or XML
- The Team

[1] BBZA Stats .Net Library on Codeplex
[2] BBZA Stats Project on Codeplex
[3] Documentation for release 2011.203

Posted 2011-07-23 11:31:45 by Ian Saunders
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