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New ADSL and 10Mbps Exchanges For October and November

Another month and a half has gone by since we delved into the stats to get a general view of the changes [1] in exchange enablements. October saw a burst or 10Mbps exchanges becoming enabled and so far November is looking like another bumper month. Interestingly we have had some reports of exchanges being enabled for 20Mbps connections! At the moment we are watching this space closely...

ADSL enablements are like hens teeth and seem to happen sporadically. This is unforutante as there are still a good 48% [2] of exchanges not enabled for ADSL. A lot of these exchanges are in more rural areas which would benefit immensely from a faster ADSL connection. Lowering their disconnection from metropolitan areas and allowing teleworks to avoid commuting!

Table 1.1 - Monthly changes

  ADSL Enabled 10Mbps Enabeld
August 1 6
September 0 6
October 1 18
November (Uptil the 17th)( 0 5

ADSL Enablement

In the last five months two exchanges have been enabled for ADSL [3]. This the lack of exchanges being enabled for ADSL. Does this show that Telkom has given up on outlying areas?

ADSL Exchanges Enabled (Click image for larger)
ADSL Exchanges Enabled

10Mbps Enablement

As documented in the last monthly review the pace of 10Mbps ADSL enablements continues a rapid tracetory [4]! A large number of enablements are concentrated in metropolitan areas. Good news for those who are in a populous area, but not great for those out in the bush!

10 Mbps ADSL Exchanges Enabled (Click image for larger)
10Mbps Exchanges Enabled

- The Team

[1] New ADSL and 10Mbps Exchanges For September and October
[2] Provincial Statistics [3] Latest ADSL Enabled Exchanges
[4] Latest 10Mbps Enabled Exchanges

Posted 2011-11-17 14:48:59 by Ian Saunders
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