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New ADSL and 10Mbps Exchanges For July and August

Another month has gone by since our last review [2,1] of the changes in exchange enablement. The number of new exchanges being enabled has ground to a near halt and 10Mbps upgrades have halved.

Table 1.1 - Monthly changes

  ADSL Enabled 10Mbps Enabeld
May 4 12
July 0 6
August (Uptil the 8th) 1 0

ADSL Enablement

No exchanges were marked as enabled for ADSL in July and so far a single exchange has been enabled in August [1]. This is noticeably slower than in previous months, and estimates of the speed at which broadband penetration will increase should come with heavy caution.

ADSL Exchanges Enabled (Click image for larger)
ADSL Exchanges Enabled

10Mbps Enablement

Since the 1st of July 6 new exchanges have been marked as enabled for 10Mbps ADSL [1]. This is half the number of exchanges receiving 10Mbps enablement in June. Once again this is significantly slower than in previous months. As can be seen by the chart an initial flurry of exchanges has now dissipated.

10 Mbps ADSL Exchanges Enabled (Click image for larger)
10Mbps Exchanges Enabled

- The Team

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[1] Review of Telkoms New ADSL Checker and recent changes
[2] Latest ADSL Enabled Exchanges
[3] Latest 10Mbps Enabled Exchanges

Posted 2011-08-08 13:27:02 by Ian Saunders
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