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Exchange Mapping Clarification

As there have been a number of questions raised by users of the website it seems like a good idea to clarify what is displayed in the Location Map on the exchange page.

Currently two different maps exist. The first is the exact location of the exchange. For instance the Willows (TWIS) exchange shows the exact location of this exchange. To do a quick litmus test of this location one can open Google Street maps to validate this is indeed a Telkom exchange location. Underneath the map the text 'This map provides the exchange location.' is displayed.

The second map is a rough estimate of the exchange location based on the suburb the exchange has been mapped to. So for instance the exact location of the Constantia Park (TCAP) exchange is not known. So using some fuzzy geolocation an estimate has been made for where it lies. Sometimes these exchange estimates are good, for instance the estimate for the Rynssord (RRYO) exchange was only one street off, but at times it may not be as accurate. An example of when it went wrong is for the Pietersburg-noord (TPGR) exchange where the estimate was 30Kms out. Luckily a user of the website pointed out the error and gave the correct exchange location. The words indicating that this is an approximate exchange location have been updated to be stronger and now read: 'This map provides a rough estimate of exchange location based on the suburb the exchange is mapped to'.

The Self Install Option will be re-sync'd as some of the enablements for it are out-of-date

It is our aim to provide the most accurate statistics possible with publicly available data. Please continue to report any errors, exchange locations or other queries via the contact page

- The Team

Posted 2011-05-24 23:10:54 by Ian Saunders
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