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Exchange Mapping

The first set of location based data has been mapped to exchanges. This information is the first step towards the goal of having the locations of Telkom exchanges. At this moment all known exchanges have been mapped to magisterial locations. Nearly all of these now have general location data associated with them.

On the exchange page, for instance UITENHAGE (EUE+) Exchange, a location map is now shown. This map currently displays a rough estimage of exchange location based on the area of the exchange. Once a more precise location is known the location map and text will be updated to display this. Clicking on 'Zoom Map' will display a large map. Telkom exchange status is indicated via the following key:

Map Key

ADSL not enabled ADSL not enabled MOTHIBISTAD (HMBA) Exchange
ADSL Enabled ADSL Enabled KURUMAN (CKMN) Exchange
10Mbps ADSL enabled 10Mbps ADSL enabled KIMBERLEY (CKB+) Exchange

Please report any mapping issues or if you have exchange location data please let us know!

- The Team

[1] UITENHAGE (EUE+) Exchange

Posted 2011-05-04 17:51:22 by Ian Saunders
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