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Comparison - Uncapped and 10GB Capped

As well as running the BroadbandStats website over the last five months or so we have also been running a separate site to compare broadband prices in South Africa [1]. Both sites are impartial but have been kept seperate, splitting ADSL statistics and products. That said it does seem a shame to have all that information and not create a few stats from it! All data used for these charts is available as a download from [2, 3]. Note the provider names have been removed as this is intended as an overview of the market not a provider comparison.

Fixed-line ADSL Uncapped Products

The first data set we are going to look at is the Fixed-line ADSL Uncapped products. For this sample we used seven different providers with each provider having between 2 to 25 uncapped products. There are quite a few variations in products due to some providers differentiating by shapped/unshapped and line speed. This set of data gives a pretty good indication of the overall market (data set available from [2]).

The red line indicates the cost of a Telkom ADSL line. ADSL packages can come included with the Telkom line this is indicated by the green line. As you can see, where available, it is a little bit cheaper to get the ADSL line included with your broadband.

The most interesting line is the blue one. This gives the average cost of a monthly contract for the different speed points. From 384Kbps to 4096Kbps we see little fluctuation, it may seem strange some that 2048Kbps is on average slightly cheaper than a 1024Kbps line. This is due to a number of outlier cases which are more apparent in the next analysis.Looking at the final point for 10Mbps broadband we see a significant price jump! To move up from 4Mbps to 10Mbps costs a bit of a premium...

Figure 1 - Uncapped Products (Click image for larger)
Average Capped 10 GB

Fixed-line ADSL 10GB Capped Products

The second data set is the Fixed-line ADSL 10GB Capped Products. The reason this was chosen is that it seems to be one of the most popular from a provider and consumer perspective. People choose it quite a bit on the comparison website. For this sample 7 suppliers with between 1 to 12 products were used.

The average price gives a rather strange looking chart; the 512Kbps products are significantly more expensive than the 1Mbps (Figure 2)! As before outliers are having an impact on the chart. Looking at the max price (Figure 3) it is easy to see that there are a few rather expensive products in this price range, skewing the chart. Thankfully looking at the minimum prices (Figure 4) it is easy to see there are a couple of bargains to be had!

Figure 2 - 10Gb Capped Products - Average (Click image for larger)
Average Capped 10 GB

Figure 3 - 10Gb Capped Products - Max (Click image for larger)
Max Capped 10 GB

Figure 4 - 10Gb Capped Products - Min (Click image for larger)
Min Capped 10 GB


It is worth pointing out that this is not a scientific study and as such the results should be taken with a pinch of salt. Not every single South African provider is used and prices change regularly, that said this analysis was done just after a review of the providers prices. Secondly when doing a comparison many factors other than price come into play. Customer support, free extras and the cost of using extra bandwidth can make or break a choice

- The Team

[2] Uncapped Product Data
[3] 10Gb Capped Product Data

Posted 2012-01-12 00:30:53 by Ian Saunders
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